A Typical Day

Time Activity
Welcome and free choice play
Adult led activity taken from EYFS planning
Wash hands
Snack time
Creative activity will be offered to the children
Circle time to include; Days of the week song, jolly phonics, counting, colours, shapes, singing, stories and news from the children, learn a new sign each week.
Wash hands
Lunch time (wash hands and face after lunch)
Free flow play both inside and outside (10 minutes of computer time each may be offered to the children)
Outdoor activity
Various activities offered with the children having free choice
Tidy up and then circle time (preparation for the older children to arrive from school – setting up activities)
Free play
Wash hands
Afternoon snack (wash hands and face after snack)
Planned creative activity and free choice activities and games available
Squiggles closes


A cooked lunch is included for all children who attend for the full day or until 1.00pm, however you are most welcome to send a packed lunch if you prefer. At break times, children will be provided with a variety of healthy snacks such as mixed fruit, vegetables, cheese, rice cakes, toast and drinks of either milk or water. If your child has any allergies e.g. milk, eggs, please let the nursery manager know, this information will then be shared with the rest of the nursery staff. Please bring in a labeled water bottle for your child to access during the session, water or diluted juice is acceptable. (No fizzy drinks please)

General Hygiene

• Children are encouraged to wash their hands after going to the toilet, before eating and drinking and if they have been handling our guinea pigs Fudge and Toffee or our rabbit Bella!
• All kitchen work surfaces and sink areas are sanitized during and after each session.
• Toilets are checked and cleaned throughout the day

Food Hygiene

Nursery staff will make drinks and prepare and serve snacks to the children. From time to time food is used as an educational theme during a session, at which healthy eating, food types and hygiene are discussed. All relevant hygiene precautions will be taken and only staff holding a current basic food hygiene certificate will be permitted to prepare and participate in such activities.


If your child is not well (particularly with doubtful rashes, sore throats, heavy colds or severe stomach upsets such as, sickness and diarrhea) please do not send them to nursery until 48 hours have lapsed of the illnesses first being detected. Other children will be in close contact with them and it would be unfair to them and staff if a sick child attended. If your child becomes unwell during the day, we will contact you. 


All accidents will be recorded in the Accident Book. In the event of a serious accident or other medical emergency, the Nursery reserves the right to call for an ambulance and take your child to hospital if necessary. Parents / carers will be contacted should this happen.

Medicines And Drugs

Please inform the Nursery Manager of any relevant medical history about your child that you feel they should know. Nursery staff cannot administer medication unless written permission is given by the parent or carer of the child. A medical record sheet will be used for this purpose which the parent / carer will sign at the end of the child’s session. In the event of exceptional medical circumstances, please speak to the Nursery Manager, who will be happy to discuss the matter with you in confidence. 

First Aid

Basic first aid will be administered to your child as and when required. You will be asked to complete a permission slip for plasters to be administered. Please tell us if your child has any allergies to any basic first aid products.


In the highly unlikely event that your child is injured in a more serious nature then you will be informed immediately and an ambulance will be called. 


Nursery staff recognises the need for rules within the group and the necessity for procedures for managing unwanted behaviour. This will foster a consistent caring atmosphere within the group and all staff is asked to adhere to this policy. 


The type of behaviour we want to encourage is as follows:- 

1. Show consideration, kindness and respect for one another. 

2. Helping to respect and take care of the nursery toys, equipment and environment. 

3. Respecting the authority of the adults in charge. 

4. Being willing to share and take turns. 


Nursery rules are minimal and are designed to ensure the safety of all children within a caring and protective environment. If a child is disruptive and they are putting themselves or other children at risk, they will be removed from the situation, until calm. Any consistently inappropriate behaviour, will be monitored, recorded and brought to your attention, so that strategies may be used to help the child. 


Should you require any further information relating to the Nursery, please do not hesitate to contact the Nursery Manager. 

All nursery policies and procedures are located in the reception area of the nursery for you to access.

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