Nursery Funding

Nursery Educational Funding For Over 3’s (NEF)

NEF is available for all eligible children. Free early education is available for all three and four year old children, from the term after their third birthday. 

Children who are born between:

Will have a free place from the following:

    • 1 April and 31 August – September
    • 1 September and 31 December – January
    • 1 January and 31 March – April

Please contact us for further details on [email protected]

There will be a small fee for lunch , snacks and consumables.

No registration fee will be required if only taking funded only hours


Payment of invoices will be due on 7th of each month and invoices will be sent to you 7 days prior to this. A late payment fee will be charged if payment is not received within 7 working days of the due date; the late fee will be a 10% surcharge of your monthly invoice. 


Payment must be paid monthly and must be paid in advance on the first day of attendance. Payment should be made by standing order, cheque, cash or bank transfer. Child care vouchers are also accepted. Cheques must be payable to Squiggles Day Care and Activity Club Ltd should be handed to Karen or the Nursery Manager. 


Fees are subject to periodical review and any changes will be brought to parent’s attention


Child Care Vouchers

We accept all Childcare Voucher Schemes offered by employers. The current allowance for tax saving has been capped at £55.00 per week/£243.00 per month per parent/guardian. Please note Parents/Carers are advised to contact their employer about childcare vouchers.


If your child is absent from Nursery you will be charged the full session / hourly rate. Absences include holidays and illness. Exceptions will be made for those with a long term illness or hospital stays of one week or more. Please contact the Nursery if your child is unable to attend their regular session.

Termination of Placement

Four weeks’ notice is required if you wish to terminate your child’s place. When no notice is given you will be charged in full for one month.

Equal Opportunities / Inclusion

The Nursery values each child as an individual and believes that they each have talents and gifts special to them. We have a commitment to anti-discriminatory practice and believe that this should be developed and promoted so that each child is guaranteed the same quality of care and education tailored to meet their needs. 


The Nursery will, through activities, attitudes and mutual respect, seek to create an environment which is free from prejudice and discrimination and will provide positive images of adults and children living in our society, allowing them opportunities to talk about the diverse and varied differences between us all. 


Our policy is designed to ensure that all children receive equal treatment regardless of age, race, disability, gender, religion or class and no one will be excluded from taking part in any nursery activity because of these aspects of their identity.

Health And Safety

The Nursery understands its responsibility for the health and safety of all staff, children, volunteers and the public. 


The Nursery is fully insured and appropriate certification displayed. The premises have been inspected by Ofsted and any recommendations made have been carried out. A fire officer has also inspected the premises. 


We hold regular fire drills and the safety procedure is displayed where it can be seen easily by everyone. 


All staff will hold a first aid certificate. 


All equipment within the Nursery is checked regularly for damage and repaired or replaced if necessary. One person will be responsible for this (Health and Safety Rep) and all checks will be recorded and dealt with accordingly.

Worries, Concerns And Complaints

We welcome the views of parents and carers about the services that Squiggles provides. If you need to bring any worries, concerns or complaints to our attention then please do not hesitate in speaking to Karen, Tara or Abi

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